Monday, 28 October 2013

Brown Butter and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies...and the time I got some shocking news.

So, I know my next post was supposed to be about The Great British Bake Off and I will blog about that eventually. Right now there's something else that needs to be addressed.

Over the weekened my friend Rab was diagnosed with having brain cancer. When I found out...well...the news made no sense. Rab didn't do anything wrong. I mean sure...he partied and drank but ALWAYS in moderation. No more than what any other college kid would do. He's friendly, he's kind, he's funny and he's young. Younger than me even ( When he found out I was 21, he called me an 'old granny').

The weekend passed by in a bit of a haze. I remember heading into town to do some groceries, but having to stare at the aisles for a good 10 minutes not remembering a single thing I needed to buy. What I did remember, was the ingredients for these cookies. Making the dough and shaping it helped me move out of that strange little bubble. And as the perfumes of chocolate and caramel filled my kitchen, I slowly started to come to terms with the news. I took him a plateful of these when he had his friends over before he left. He liked them, and said they were really good.

Rab left for home with his parents yesterday. It's going to be a tough ride for him for a while now, but I know he's going to fight this tooth and nail. He'll be back in St. Andrews very, very soon, I'm sure of it.

I thank you for reading this far, and ask you to please take a moment to say a little prayer for Rab and to wish him a speedy recovery.

The recipe for these cookies came from HERE.
The only change I made was to add a bar and a half of chopped up dark chocolate.

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