Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A summer in St. Andrews

*sigh* I really need to get this posting thing down don't I? Imagine my embarrassment at discovering that the last time I posted was 6 months ago....the shock the HORROR. 

And it's not from lack of cooking! Oh no... I've been very busy in the kitchen this past semester. But you know how it is? You cook you study and next thing you know you're too tired to post anything up and the cycle just goes on and on. 

Well here's my attempt at another heave ho and I am going to try really REALLY hard to post at least once a week. Ambitious I know. :p

Well, quick update time. I'll be in St. Andrews over the summer for an internship with the School of Biology. I'm very excited to see what my Scottish summer will bring, especially food-wise!

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